The First Holographic

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The era of the flat device is now over

“Meta makes you a real-life Tony Stark” CNN

Size Matters

15x the screen area of Google Glass

Metapro True 3D Display

Our Technology


9 axis motion

9-axis motion tracking
(accelerometer, gyroscope
and compass)


40 degree field of
view 3D HD display

  • 40 degree field of view 3D
    HD display
  • 15x the display area of
    Google Glass


Premium quality
Lenses by ZEISS

Premium quality Carl Zeiss lenses


Digital Precise
3D surround sound

  • Digital Precise
    3D surround sound
  • 3D surround sound


Camera & Depth

  • Depth camera
    Real-time time-of-flight 3D sensor
  • Camera
    Miniature HD cameras

Mirror All Your Devices

Your real devices with you everywhere you are. All your applications travel with you all of the time. Adjust your screen size and add extra display areas.

  • Phone

    Your real phone with you everywhere, weighing nothing. Change your screen size to suit you on the fly, and have access to all your apps.

  • Laptop

    Your laptop is now a hologram and you can place it anywhere in the world around you. Work with unlimited extra screens no matter where you are.

Only on Meta

Apps of the future from our growing appstore.

Tech specs

  • Interface

    Spatial control: precise finger and gesture interaction
    Vision: 3D Stereoscopic Display

  • Display

    See through display modules:
    Dual immersive transparent displays
    Resolution: 1280x720 pixels for both displays
    Field of View: 40°

  • Connectivity

    Wi-Fi: 802.11n
    Bluetooth 4.0

  • Pocket Computer

    Intel i5 CPU
    4GB RAM
    128GB SSD
    32Whr battery

  • Technology

    3D Time of flight depth sensor
    Twin RGB Cameras
    9-axis Integrated Motion Unit:
    Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass

  • Software

    MetaApp Store, featuring:
    Your real devices mirrored to the MetaPro glasses
    500+ Meta Applications in development

  • Accessories

    Carry case
    usb cable

  • Weight


connect your glasses
directly to an ultra
high power Pocket Computer

the most powerful wearable computer available

  • 1.5GHz Intel i5 CPU
  • High power GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD

the Meta Pro Pocket Computer brings the most powerful pocket processing to the most powerful augmented reality glasses, enabling you to leap into the final form factor of computing.


Meron Gribetz

Meron Gribetz


Meron previously worked in an elite technological unit in the Israel Defense Forces and has project-managed the creation of similar devices for the military, subsequently studying computer science and neuroscience at Columbia University.

Ben Sand

Ben Sand


Ben has studied computer science at Sydney University. He has led and worked with education startups where he developed graph theory to improve organizational behavior. Ben's extensive startup experience led him to develop Meta's successful Y Combinator application and create product launches with strong developer emphasis.

Raymond Lo

Raymond Lo


Ray came to Meta from the most prestigious wearable computing lab in academia, Steve Mann's lab at the University of Toronto. Steve has a motto “demo or die” according to which his doctoral candidates need to produce a new iteration of their wearable computer every day or else they are out! Having such a high caliber technical guide for the product - who has specialized in the exact set of algorithms we use at meta in his PhD research - is truly an honor.

steven mann

Prof. Steven Mann

Chief Scientist

Steve, a professor at the University of Toronto, invented wearable computing 30 years ago and has been leading research in the field ever since. He advises Meta on 3D User Interface Design (building a 3D operating system) and assists with IP development and patent writing.

steven k. feiner

Prof. Steven K. Feiner

Lead Advisor

Steve, a professor at Columbia University, is one of the foremost AR experts in the world and a pioneer with many firsts in this field. Steve assists Meta in perfecting our groundbreaking operating system and Application Program Interface for developers.

Rami Aharoni



Rami is one of the founders of Lumus, which is widely regarded as the most advanced AR optics company in the world. Given his expertise at Lumus, Rami will financially strategize the scaling of Meta's operation. Additionally, Rami will ensure that Meta can manufacture, provide quality control, and promote our products in a fast and scalable way.

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